Doctor Multidimensional


The Aura is the energy that surrounds and interpenetrates us, while fundamenting the existence of our being. It houses our 7 Auric Fields with their respective 7 Chakras and here we find the energetic origin of all our sensations, emotions, thoughts, relationships and spirituality. The 7 Fields with their respective characteristics are described below: 

1. The Etheric Field

  • Consistency: Structured
  • Entry: Through the first chakra
  • Appearance: Twinkling network of blue light beams
  • Consciousness: Expresses its consciousness as physical sensations
  • Needs: Balance and natural functioning of the physical body
  • Quality: It is the template or energy matrix on which the physical body is formed and anchored. The etheric field guides every cell in the body, and thus it could predict the health and/or illness of the body before its physical manifestation
  • Alterations: Are observed as distorted, tangled and/or broken energy lines

2. The Emotional Field

  • Consistency: Fluid
  • Entry: Through the second chakra
  • Appearance: Colorful clouds of energy in constant motion
  • Consciousness: Expresses its consciousness as personal emotions
  • Needs: Natural and unblocked flow of feelings
  • Quality: It is the space for personal emotions. How we feel for ourselves and how we perceive our own emotions
  • Alterations: Positive feelings are seen as bright, clear and fluid colors, while negative feelings are perceived as dark, cloudy and stagnant hues

3. The Mental Field

  • Consistency: Structured
  • Entry: Through the third chakra
  • Appearance: Radiant network of yellow light
  • Consciousness: Expresses its consciousness as thoughts and ideas
  • Needs: Clear thoughts
  • Essence: HAVE A LUCID MIND
  • Quality: Sustains the energy of thought and mental processes, as well as the ego and personal will
  • Alterations: Clear ideas will be displayed as bright lines of yellow light and well-formed “thought” forms; while unclear ideas will be shown as opaque lines of light with indeterminate forms

4. The Astral Field

  • Consistency: Gaseous
  • Entry: Through the fourth chakra
  • Appearance: Colorful pink light infused clouds in constant motion
  • Consciousness: Expresses its consciousness as interpersonal emotions (I-You)
  • Needs: To love humanity
  • Essence: HAVE LOVE
  • Quality: Bridge between physical and spiritual energies (and at the same time their transformative crucible). Space that houses love, compassion, forgiveness, understanding and the expression of feelings towards others. Moves the deepest love and the superior relationships and emotions
  • Extras: Harbors astral beings and objects, including discarnated beings and remnants of past lives
  • Alterations: Positive feelings and relationships will be shown as bright, clear and soft colors, while negative feelings and relationships will manifest as dark, confusing, dense and/or brusque hues

5. The Etheric Template Field

  • Consistency: Structured
  • Entry: Through the fifth chakra
  • Appearance: Transparent lines on a dark blue background (like the negative of a photograph)
  • Consciousness: Expresses its consciousness as our wisest will
  • Needs: To align its will with divine will (the wisest will)
  • Quality: It is the template for the Etheric field (1 field) and for everything that is created in the physical plane, including personality and character
  • Extras: Houses beings of the fifth field
  • Alterations: Distortions in this field are observed as imbalances in the distribution of the structure, and lead to an erroneous will, negative expressions of our being, and diseases of the physical body

6. The Celestial Field

  • Consistency: Gaseous-Celestial
  • Entry: Through the sixth chakra
  • Appearance: Beautiful bright light with gold-silver tones and an opalescent quality
  • Consciousness: Expresses its consciousness as blissful ecstasy and the highest emotions
  • Needs: To love life universally
  • Quality: Holds the space for the deepest perceptions and the notion of being light, love and one with God. It hosts spiritual ecstasy and unconditional universal love
  • Extras: Houses celestial beings such as Angels and Archangels
  • Alterations: Distortions manifest as changes in the brightness, expansiveness, and tints of the light

7. The Ketheric Field

  • Consistency: Structured
  • Entry: Through the seventh chakra
  • Appearance: Very strong and bright threads of golden and silver light
  • Consciousness: Expresses its consciousness as the wisest thoughts
  • Needs: To know that we are one with God
  • Quality: Protects and holds together the whole aural dimension. It houses the wisest mind (divine), the superior knowledge and the universal connection with the whole. Its the highest plane related to the present incarnation, and it is the place that contains past lives “memories”
  • Extras: Houses beings of the seventh field
  • Alterations: Distortions are shown as distorted, torn and/or open lines. They lead to a disconnection from the Self and the universe, and to a division of all the parts of our being