Doctor Multidimensional

Questions & Answers

What does healing mean?

Healing is the process of unifying all the parts of our being so that we can be who we truly are.

During lifetime we separate parts of our selves due to fears, traumas and false beliefs.

A healing process leads us to let go, transform and reunify all these parts of our being.

What does multidimensional healing mean?

A healing that works all the dimensions of our being. Including: the 7 Auric Fields, the 7 Chakras and the Past Lives.

is it religious

No. It is a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual approach.

What can I expect from a healing session?

Liberation and transformation of fears, anger, pains, sadness, traumas, and false beliefs.

Understand the reason for what you are living; and at the same time the ways to change it.

Find clarity, wisdom and solutions to problems in your life.

Begin to heal the roots of your physical illnesses.

Feel more tranquility, harmony, well-being and self-love.

How much does it cost and how long does a session last?

See here all the details of every service.