Doctor Multidimensional

Doctor Multidimensional

Multidimensional Healing

  • Aura
  • • Chakras
  • • Past Lives

¨We are much more than we believe

and in what we overlook about ourselves, we find the answers to all our difficulties. There is nothing we don’t already know, there is nothing we don’t already have, the challenge is to rediscover it and start living it.¨


Multidimensional Healing

Aura & Chakras Healing 

What area of your life is blocked? Where do you feel that you don’t flow adequately?

Past Life Regression

Regression to Past Lives 

Who do you think you were?

How does it relate to your present?

Healing of Places

Energy Healing of Houses, Buildings, Premises & Companies

Is it favoring or harming you where you live and/or where you work?

Conferences & Workshops

Healing & Energy Phenomena

Do you want to learn more? Do you want to heal more?

Who Am I

Dr. Nicolás Gordillo Holguin

Doctor of the Universidad de los Andes and Multidimensional Healer of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing expert in Auric fields, Chakras and Past Lives.

Six years of National and International experience in energy management of Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual alterations.