Doctor Multidimensional



We are 99% ENERGY.

Although we think we are made of “solid” matter, quantum physics explains how the atom (which is the fundamental element of matter) is composed 99% of vacuum, being the particles that conform it less than 1%. This means that the fundamental component of matter is not a static or permanent reality, but is rather a vacuum full of possibilities. The atom is not determinable or predictable… and therefore our solid reality is cemented on infinite possibilities.

And it is within this vacuum, with its infinite possibilities, where we find what we call ENERGY, a vital force that conforms and interpenetrates us, giving fundament to the existence of everything we know.


Deep wellness process that uses procedures and techniques different from conventional medicine, and usually emphasizes in the ENERGY.


Approach involving all the energetic dimensions that conform us. It includes our 7 Auric Fields with their 7 Chakras and our Past Lives.


The Aura is the energy that surrounds and interpenetrates us, while fundamenting the existence of our being. It houses our 7 Auric Fields with their respective 7 Chakras. Here we find the energetic root of all our sensations, emotions, thoughts, relationships and spirituality. Additionally, it houses the record of our Past Lives.


The Chakras are energetic vortices that feed our 7 Auric Fields with universal energy. There are 7 main Chakras, and each of them is related to a body system and an specific psychological aspect of our being. 

past lives

Do you think this has been your only life experience?

Have you ever felt a deep familiarity with people, places or situations?

Imagine that you have had thousands of life experiences, and that your strengths come from what you have already developed, while your weaknesses from what you still need to evolve.

Who do you think you were?

When you comprehend your past, you understand why you are who you are today.

Are you ready to know yourself more?